Meditation is what you learn with your body

When meditating, physical sensation is important.
As I have told you many times in our meditation courses, this is because meditation is not something you do with your head. Meditation is not something to be understood through concepts or thoughts, because it is about working on the mind. The heart cannot be understood by the brain.

Therefore, the only way to understand the mind is to feel it with the body in the real “now”. If you cannot observe the movement of the mind that is happening right now, there is nothing you can do about it (><). The reason why it is so important to practice sitting quietly and repeatedly, little by little, every day is that it is not something you can just read from a textbook and be done with it; it is something you have to learn with your body. At first glance, meditation may have a cultural flavor, but it may actually be an athletic one. Maybe it's even athletic (laughs). Because it is a muscle training of the mind. Just sit down and face your mind. That's all there is to it. I imagine that if you can understand your heart straight, you will be able to overcome any kind of pain. I believe that you will be able to see the happiness that exists there as a real feeling. Let's take a journey of meditation together.


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